Ways to Help Make Your Teen’s Summer Meaningful

Summer Break Teens

It’s summertime!  Summer break is a fantastic time for your child to both strengthen their belief in themselves while also building meaningful connections with their community.  The ideas below will help your child establish a sense of purpose and recognition that they can make a difference in their community.  This is so empowering for them to learn, and the younger, the better!

Volunteer work

Since the start of the covid pandemic, you may have found that your teen has become more reserved and insecure when conversing or being around people. One way to help your teen feel confident socially is to have them volunteer. Many organizations are looking for help, so research some places to volunteer with your teen according to their interest. There are opportunities at animal shelters, local community center, environmental cleanup, and more.  If your teen is still feeling a little apprehensive about getting started, sign up with them. This can be a wonderful bonding experience for the two of you or the whole family.

Learn a new skill by taking a summer class

With the downtime during summer break, there is more time for your child to enroll in a class of interest and learn something new. The options are endless, with classes for cooking, coding, art, music, language, sports, crafting, and more. This can help your teen get excited about learning something new, allow them. To meet people with similar interests, make new friends, and build confidence!

Help others through tutoring

Many parents are looking for a tutor this summer, so their child is ready for the start of the new school year. So, if your teen is strong in a subject area or two, encourage them to offer their assistance. Sometimes there’s no better way to feel a sense of purpose than when you are helping someone, especially a child, that will look up to them.

Find a summer job

If your teen has reached the required hiring age or has a work permit, encourage them to look for a summer job. This will give your teen extra spending and they will learn new responsibilities.  It is also an excellent way for your teen to build their resume.  Volunteering or working can promote a sense of purpose which brings forth happiness and confidence while promoting a good work ethic.

Plan family outings

Family time is important bonding time, and with that comes a sense of security and acceptance for children and teens. These years that your children are at home with you should not be taken for granted.  The amount and quality of time spent with you significantly impact their lives so plan some dates for you to do things as a family.  It can be as simple as family game nights, movies and s’mores in the backyard, a beach day, or camping! Any time is precious and will build lasting memories for you and your children for years to come!

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