Testing & Diagnostic Evaluation

Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations

These evaluations are comprehensive testing processes that identify children’s learning and behavior patterns. These evaluations provide an in-depth look at an individual’s capacity to learn, current academic functioning, processes necessary for learning, and social and emotional functioning. The evaluation provides a road map to better understand your child’s functioning in areas such as language, reading, writing, math, memory and learning, attention and executive functioning, processing speed, non-verbal learning, fine motor skills, and personality. Based on the results, specific diagnoses such as Learning Disabilities, ADHD, processing disorders, or psychological issues may be identified, and recommendations for intervention are generated. The evaluation process incorporates data from across settings and the information obtained from the testing helps parents, teachers, therapists, physicians, and other specialists accommodate and support your child. This type of evaluation is helpful in obtaining accommodations for specialized exams, as well as creating IEP and 504 plans.

Targeted Evaluation

A question may arise about a single area of concern, such as reading difficulty, math struggles, memory concerns, anxiety, etc. In these instances, a targeted evaluation which evaluates a singular area for concern may be conducted so as to rule in or out specific issues. All evaluations take into account information from multiple sources and targeted recommendations are provided.